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Snake Rattle Snake!  Snake snake rattle snake!

loved the game, had me laughing.    was this made in secondlife? some of the models and animations look really  similar. The idle animations remind me of the default AO they give you. lol  


Thanks.  I'm glad you enjoyed.  This was filmed in Opensim, not secondlife, but the skeleton is the same.  Yeah, the stand anim was basic.

ah! Open Sim. Also don't worry the derpy stand animation added to the humor for me.


Me too!  That's why I used it:)

That was great. I laughed out loud a few times. The script flowed so well

Thank you!

This game is amazing, it's like playing through a b-movie sci-fi comedy. I think the world needs humorous visual novels like this. Great work!

Thank you!  Humor is medicine:)

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I've played through this 3 times now, and I must say that this is perfect game to override the stress of the mundane world. If the shelves of Gamestop were full of games like this the game industry would be a wonderful place. I've played through some long winded dramatic visual novels on the PS vita over the years and I can honestly say none of them were anywhere near as fun as this. YOU ROCK!

You just made my week:)  Thank you!


Is there anywhere I can get that Rattlesnake song? It's actually stuck in my head LOL Great job my dude

After all of the testing before I released the game, its stuck in my head too,  I will talk to the composer and let you know.  Glad you liked it.  Thanks!

For personal use only, you can download the mp3 here:

Awesome! Thanks so much! :>

Your welcome:)

I have never smiled so much during a gameplay than this one OMG. This was so creative and the puzzles were ok. I especially love the animation in it xD This is too good, honestly!

Thank you so much:)